"My greatest enemy brought her back, and my best friend took her away."

Donald Ressler: 1x11 - 1x22

Criminal Minds Meme - [2/9] Characters

Anyway… he said something once and it makes me think of you. “The noir hero is a knight in blood-caked armor. He’s dirty, and he does his best to deny the fact that he’s a hero the whole time.”  ”

"I’ve already lost the only thing in this world I’ve ever loved. I have nothing in this world except this job."

Donald Ressler: 1x01 - 1x10

Criminal Minds Meme - [1/9] Characters

I don’t believe that intelligence can be accurately quantified, but I do have an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory, and can read 20,000 words per minute.  Yes, I’m a genius.

"For me, if something fits properly, it makes me feel good."
(For Bree!)

"I’m going to go where people know how to be quiet."

For Julie!

"You remember yesterday when you asked me if I wanted to break some rules? I do now."

Criminal Minds Meme - [8/8] Quotes

This is calm…and it’s Doctor!

Criminal Minds Meme - [7/8] Quotes
“Dr. Spencer Reid: How about Italy?
David Rossi: Too many relatives. ”

Criminal Minds Meme - [7/8] Quotes

Dr. Spencer Reid: How about Italy?

David Rossi: Too many relatives. 

Criminal Minds Meme - [6/8] Quotes

"Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil.

Baltasar Gracian